What is GoodGym?!

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What the blinkin’ heck is GoodGym?!

Haven’t heard of GoodGym yet? Don’t worry, I’ll catch you up and everyone will be none the wiser.

GoodGym is a movement for good. It’s an amazing opportunity for anyone to get fit and feel better about life whilst helping the wider community and reducing social isolation. You'll get active in the fresh air, you'll help other people, you'll make the place you live better and you'll make loads of new friends. It’s so much more than a win-win situation, it’s like a win-win-win-win-win.. and then some!

Put simply, we run to do good stuff and get fit in the process.

How does it work exactly?

You can get involved with GoodGym in three ways, there’s something to suit everyone!

Group Runs: We go on a group run once a week where we run to complete a community task. This could be anything from gardening or digging to decorating and cleaning. The task is organised by the GoodGym Trainer in your area and the whole run lasts no longer than 90 minutes, including getting there and back – there’s usually a fun bit of exercise thrown in too.

Coach Runs: Coaches are older people who could do with a social visit. If you sign up as a coach runner, you’ll be paired with a coach and run to them once a week for a cuppa and a chat before running home again. You get motivated to get your run in, they get some company.

Missions: Become mission verified and you can get involved in ad hoc, one-off tasks. A mission might be helping an older person with something they are struggling to do themselves or it could be a huge community task for lots of people to get involved with. It could be as simple as running across town to change a light bulb or it could be an enormous community gardening project. Every mission is different, and you will always complete missions with at least one other GoodGym member.

Sounds AMAZING!! How do I find out where my nearest one is?

Check if you have a GoodGym in your area by going to the GoodGym homepage and typing in your postcode.

We don't have one (sad face!). How do I get one started?

GoodGym hopes to be in all the big towns and cities really soon. If your area is in proposal, click the ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’ button. To get a GoodGym off the ground you need:

  • A minimum of 100 runners signed up as interestedmake it happen
  • At least 5 founding members. A founding member is anyone (runner or otherwise) who is passionate about bringing GoodGym to their area and will take ownership in promoting it and using whatever skills they have at their disposal to get it off the ground. Spreading the word, telling everyone you know and getting local community engagement is key!

Once all these people are registered, the founding members (or anyone else who wants to help) and GoodGym bods work with local organisations to raise the funds required to start the project off.

Get involved in something good!!  

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