Personal Training

Personal Training is the most efficient way to maximise your fitness. Under the guidance of a qualified and experienced PT, you will be motivated and instructed through a series of exercises specifically designed to meet your own goals.

   Maybe you're new to exercise and don't know where to start or perhaps you're a seasoned fitness fan but have hit a plateau in your training. Whatever your age, size or level of fitness, my sessions will make you feel great and improve your fitness. 

As an Exercise Referral Instructor I can prescribe safe and effective exercise to people with health conditions such as hypertension, CPD, osteoporosis. 

You can book a one-off personal training session for £40, or you can subscribe to weekly personal training.

Client Reviews...

"Egg has managed to do what no-one else ever has and that is to make me enjoy exercise! Oh and along the way she has somehow managed to make me distinctly less wobbly!"

Kate Taylor - York